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“I saw Dr. Rispler and I had a great experience at his office. His exam room was full of the latest equipment and he used one of them to take care of my acne. I felt better and looked better, the amazing thing is that I can immediately do my normal routine on the same day.”

Nick J.

“There was virtually no waiting time, all I did was walked in and sign the papers and the doctor immediately saw me. Everyone was friendly there and I wasn’t being pressured to buy anything. This place deserves a recommendation!”

Marisa C.

“I have been to previous dermatologists, but they had all provided the same disappointing result. Dr. Rispler was different, he takes his time, evaluates my skin, and provides a treatment that is just right for me. The front staff were very courteous, so they get a mention here as well. I was very happy with my time here.”

Gina I.

“I recently went to Dr. Rispler to get one of my tattoos removed. Getting the appointment was easy and the parking wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t be happier about the results, my skin looked smooth, it was like the tattoo was simply peeled off like a sticker. The staff were also friendly to me and punctual in getting the appointment scheduled on time. Overall, this office needs no improvement. Thank you guys so much!”

Brooke T.