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Hair Removal Covina

While most people tend to want to keep hair rather than remove them, some hair is less desirable than others.  That is why hair removal procedures are provided.  Dr. Rispler uses lasers that target specific hair follicles and reduces the glands’ ability to grow new hair.  His experience and qualifications ensure successful permanent hair removal.

Dr. Rispler and LDI has helped patients eliminate unwanted hair for over 35 years.  We have served patients across the country and world, including the Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Inland Empire area.  Our technologies have helped provide a precise, safe, and permanent reduction of undesirable hair.   We specialize in developing unique treatment plans for each specific patient.

One of the most skilled and experienced dermatologists in Covina, Dr. Rispler can perform successful hair removal on any type of skin.  He does not standardize his treatments, which results in more accurate and satisfying results for his patients.

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