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Birthmarks Removal Covina

Birthmarks are irregularities that affect the skin.  There are two types of birthmarks, vascular birthmarks are caused by blood vessels that have formed incorrectly.  Pigmented birthmarks are produced when multiple pigment cells cluster together and cause a discolored appearance on the skin.

Most birthmarks are not a serious issue to seriously worry about, some will eventually disappear on their own.  Most patients want to remove their birthmarks for exclusively cosmetic reasons.  Dr. Rispler utilizes advanced laser technology to provide the most effective birthmark removal procedures in Covina.

Dr. Rispler carries over 35 years of experience in treating patients with undesired birthmarks.  He provides his treatments to be personalized and specifically effective for the individual patient.  Each patient has varying skin types and conditions that will require an individual approach to treatment.  Dr. Rispler combines advanced technology and specialized treatment plans to ensure successful results.

At LDI, we will evaluate you during your first visit and develop a specific treatment plan.  You can schedule your complimentary consultation by calling our office at (626) 598-1771.