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Acne Scarring Covina

Acne scars are a problem for numerous patients in the United States.   They result from the production of collagen in the body after an acne inflammation.  Each patient experiences a different type of acne scarring depending on the type of skin they have.  Indents on the skin are created from the loss of collagen due to inflammation.

Scarring will occur for most patients who have experienced acne.  Delaying medical treatment can result in more severe scarring.  Acne scars can be even more visible from aging, this is due to the reduction of skin tone and loss of collagen.

Dr. Jacob Rispler possess the knowledge and experience to evaluate acne scars and implement the right methods to treat them.  Based in Covina, he utilizes advanced technology to treat acne scarring.  He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a recommended doctor for his expertise in treating acne conditions.

Dr. Rispler utilizes advanced FDA approved technology and medicine to deliver precise acne scarring treatments.  His laser technology is considered among the most effective and safest in the field.   He treats each patient in a unique manner, with a treatment plan that considers their skin color and type.  He uses non-ablative lasers that deliver high quality results with no surgery or recovery time required.

If you are affected by acne scarring, we can provide a treatment plan that will ensure more beautiful looking skin.  To schedule your complimentary consultation, please call our office today.